Andy Julow

State Senator
Grand Isle District


Meet Andy

Andy Julow was appointed to the Senate by Governor Phil Scott on May 21, 2024. He is running for a full term in the August 13 Primary and November general election.

He grew up in the Lake Champlain Islands and currently lives there with his wife Corinn. In addition to being Senator, he is the Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Islands Economic Development Corporation and is the President of the Regional Development Corporations of Vermont. He owned his own business for eleven years and has served his town as the chair of the school board and development review board for a total of fourteen years.

  • School Funding: The current school funding system needs to be replaced. While well intentioned, the formula is 27 years old and designed for a tax base and school population that have changed dramatically. We need to start from scratch and build a system with a broad source of funding that meets the current challenges of our schools.
  • Recreation and Conservation: Vermont should continue to grow its recreational economy through conservation of public lands and expansion of trail heads and access points that provide strong connection to local business and show sensitivity to residential communities.
  • Small Business: Vermont needs to expand its offerings for small business and entrepreneur support especially navigator services that help connect mutually supporting businesses in our rural areas.